FCB Alusport-Era Pack Chrudim. PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS (FCB).

In the first game of the UEFA Futsal Cup in the Palau Blaugrana, Barça Alusport came away with its first victory in the Elite Round. A good start allowed Carmona’s men to quickly jump to a two goal lead, even though Era Pack Churdim, the most dangerous rival in Barça’s group, didn’t give up until the 32 minute. A goal by Torras opened the way to the rout with Javi Rodríguez adding a hat-trick before the end.

Starting off on the right foot

Barça Alusport knew it was a big night and they came out ready to play. Despite Fernandao’s last minute injury, the Azulgrana’s set a high game pace from the first minute. Carmona’s men moved the ball around well and the Czechs couldn’t cope. In the third minute Javi Rodríguez finished off a fantastic collective play between Santos and Torras. Things were looking up for Barça at that point, especially after Wilde -recently declared fit to play- scored the second goal of the night in a lightning fast counter attack in the eight minute.

Czech reaction

The home side took the initiative of the game against a tactically organized Era Pack Chrudim who refused to go down without a fight. On that note, Cristian did very well to stop Mares’ both attempts to put the Czech side on the scoreboard; first blocking a chip shot (11th min.) and second stopping a powerfully placed attempt in the 17th min. The Barça defence was goal proof and only looked penetrable in the final three minutes of the half when the Czech side couldn’t have asked for a better pair of chances: the first chance the ball bounced off both the posts and in the second, the shot went wide with Barça’s keeper beaten. Halftime came at a good time for Barça, just when the Czechs looked most dangerous.

Intensely disputed match

Roman Mares also had the first goalscoring chance of the second half, but his shot went wide of Cristian’s mark. Torras and Wilde were next to have a chance at goal, but they also failed to convert. The game as more open at this point, and Barça opted to play with a higher defence, thus intensifying the tempo of the game. The Czech, in turn, pulled back their lines and waited to absorb the Barça attack. Even with a more crowded backcourt, the Czech keeper was the player that kept Era Pack Chrudim in the game with some magnificent saves. The sparkling Cacau and the counterattack were the Czech’s only weapons.

Culé avalanche

The Czech wall came crashing down when Jordi Torras shot home after a strategic Barça play (32 min.). Afterward, Javi Rodríguez scored his second goal from a header after a beautiful assist from Cristian, Ari Santos put the fifth up on the board shortly after. The captain completed his hat-trick from the penalty spot, it was the fourth goal in four minutes.

Barça’s next game will be on Friday against Eindhoven at 21:00 h, who lost against Araz 5-3.



FC Barcelona: Cristian, Lozano, Ari, Javi Rodríguez, Torras (cinc inicial), Lin, Wilde, Saad, Gabriel i Tolrà.

Era Pack Chrudim: Zdansky, Roman Mares, Max, Slovacek, Michal Mares (cinc inicial), Meller, Popelka, Vladyka, Cacau, Douglas, Resetar i Bouska.

GOALS: 1-0 Javi Rodríguez (min 3), 2-0 Wilde (min 8), 3-0 Torras (min 32), 4-0 Javi Rodríguez (min 33), 5-0 Ari Santos (min 35), 6-0 Javi Rodríguez (min 36)

Attendance: 2085 persones

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