Barça during the game against Carnicer Torrejón / PHOTO: Àlex Caparrós - FCB

Barça Alusport have qualified for the Liga’s semifinals playoff. The reigning champions of the competition fought back against Carncer Torrejón (5-2) to clinch a berth in the next round of the competition. To win the title, the Azulgranas will have to first face Inter Movistar, who beat Triman Navarra. After securing a spot in the semifinals, the FCB players offered up the Copa del Rey title to the Palau.

Spectacular start

In an atypical and surprising start, Carnicer Torrejón took the lead after only nine seconds of play thanks to an own goal from Igor. Marc Carmona’s men, however, replied quickly before the first minute ticked off the game clock. Wilde brought Barça level after a great collective play between Saad and Ari. The frantic pace of the game didn’t slow down after the goal and Rivillos, from point-blank range, took advantage of a rebound to give his team the lead (1-2).

Unsuccessful Barça onslaught

The game calmed down a bit in terms of goals scored, even though Barça were trying to to score the equaliser. Their opponents, however, did their best to deny the Azulgranas by playing defensive futsal in the hopes of nicking another goal on the counter.

The Barça players could not get bast the wall that was Mendiola in goal. The keeper saved a shot from Wilde and Fernandao’s shot crashed against the post on 10 minutes. Lozano also tried his luck on various occasions, but he was also denied. The teams went to the break with the 1-2 still on the scoreboard.

Barça fight back and kill off the match

The start of the second half was marked by the inaccuracy both on defence and offence from the Madrid side. Wilde had the chance to bring Barça level but his shot wen narrowly wide. However, Lozano, with a powerful long-range shot, did find the back of the net.

With the 2-2 draw, the Culés enjoyed multiple chances to take the lead. Finally, it was Lin that scored the go-ahead goal. Carnicer Torrejón, however, tried to get the equaliser, but Saad sealed the win and the qualification to the semis with Barça’s fourth goal. Lozano closed out the scoring at the Palau Blaugrana with the fifth and definitive goal. Inter Movistar await Barça in the semifinals.



FCB Alusport: Cristian, Ari, Igor, Saad, Wilde –starting five–, Gabriel, Javi Rodríguez, Lin, Sergio Lozano and Fernandao.

Carnicer Torrejón: Mendiola, Rober, Jorge, Rivillos, José Carlos –starting five–, David, Caio, Kita and Juanlu.

Goals: 0-1 Rober, min 1; 1-1 Wilde, min 1; 1-2 Rivillos, min 4; 2-2 Lozano, min 27; 3-2 Lin, min 31; 4-2 Saad, min 35, and 5-2 Lozano, min 39.

Referees: Alonso Montesinos and Rubio Fajardo.

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