Javi Rodríguez Barça Alusport captain. Photo: Miguel Ruiz - FCB.

FC Barcelona Alusport, who are in a UEFA Futsal Cup Final Four this season, come into the competition with a nearly perfect record after having won five matches and only tied once. This record allows the team to look to the impending European playoff with optimism as they try to claim their first European crown.

The team led by Marc Carmona have put up some impressive stats in the UEFA Futsal Cup this season: five victories and only one draw with 41 goals scored and only conceding 4.

Here are FC Barcelona Alusport’s match reports in the UEFA Fustal Cup:

- Barça Alusport vs Leotar Trebinje (9-0)

- Gyori ETO vs Barça Alusport  (2-8)

- Barça Alusport vs Nikars Riga (12-0)

- Barça Alusport vs FK Era-Pack Chrudim (6-0)

- Barça Alusport vs Eindhoven (4-0)

- Araz Naxçivan vs Barça Alusport (2-2)

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