Barça Alusport v Triman Navarra

Barça needed just 44 seconds for Fernandão to set up the home side’s victory, an especially important win as it came against a close rival. Triman Navarra had been enjoying an excellent run of wins themselves and Barça’s win was achieved despite the injuries to a number of key players. The whole team performed, but Lozano was outstanding.

Jordi Torras joins injury list

Jordi Torres pulled out before kick off with a thigh injury, but Lin was back after injury and Carmona was able to call on three players from the reserves, including Tolra who put in plenty of time on court. Fernandão’s great start set up the first half and Lozano soon stamped his authority on the game, tackling back and creating danger up front. As well as Fernandão’s touch up front and the great goal from Lin, Lozano was one of the best players of the game.

Juanito and Cristian, especially the Navarran keeper, ensured there were no more goals in the first half, though Roberto rattled the post for Triman and Wilde, Lin and Ari, as well as Lozano, all had their chances for the hosts

Gem from Lin and reward for Lozano

Triman Navarra came out determined to get back into the game after the break and Juanrin missed a great chance to get a goal back. It was Barça with the next strike, however, when Lin received a pass from Fernandão to make it 3-0. Lozano helped to make it four as he charged down the line to cross and Isi put through his own net.

Mimi finally got the visitors off the mark , as they threw everything at the hosts, but immediately afterwards, Lin scored a spectacular fifth - already a candidate for goal of the season- to dash any hopes the Navarrans might have had. Juanra pegged one back from a free kick with three minutes left, but Lozano brilliantly set up Wilde for goal number six, before scoring himself with a penalty to round off an excellent individual and team performance.

Match Stats


FC Barcelona Alusport (2+5):Cristian, Sergio Lozano (1), Fernandão (2), Gabriel, Ari Santos –starting five-, Wilde (1), Lin (2), Javi Rodríguez, Marc Tolrà, Roger Serrano, Joselito and Paco Sedano (keeper).

Triman Navarra (0+2): Juanito, Araça, Rafa Usín, Javi Eseverri, Juanra –starting five-, Mimi (1), Roberto, Isi, Jonathan, Asier, Ximbinha and Iraitz (keeper).

Goals: 1-0, Fernandão (1'); 2-0, Fernandão (1'); 3-0, Lin (22'); 4-0, Isi, en pròpia porta (25'); 4-1, Mimi (31'); 5-1, Lin (31'); 5-2, Juanra (37'); 6-2, Wilde (38'); 7-2, Lozano (40')

Referees: Del Pozo García and López Jiménez. Yellows for Ari Santos and Wilde, as well as Juanito, Javi Eseverri, Rafa Usín and Ximbinha.

Venue: Palau Blaugrana. Attendance: 1.517 .

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