The players led by Marc Carmona were not able to win this Friday evening at the Palau Blaugrana in the match that could have been the team’s second consecutive win in the final series. After the hard-fought win this Tuesday in Murcia, Barça Alusport, who had the unconditional support from the fans at the Palau, were overrun by a very efficient ElPozo team.

The Azugranas, who enjoyed a lot of goal scoring chances and hit the woodwork twice, weren’t able to capitalize on their chances. Now, Barça Alusport must quickly recover from the loss and think about the third match of the series, which will be played on Sunday at the Palau Blaugrana at 18:30. The support from the public will be key.

A lot of intensity at the start

After only eight seconds, De Bail scored the opener of the match for ElPozo. The goal was the opening act of the intensity that would follow, from both the Catalans and the Murcianos. After a couple of goal-scoring chances for each side, Grell forced Cristian to make a fantastics save. On four minutes, Lozano and Saúl got into a scuffle, which ended with a yellow card for the Barça player.

Barça Alusport attempted to score the equaliser but Gabriel was simple impassable. On five minutes, ElPozo made it two thanks to a goal from Miguelín, who scored on Cristian’s goal with a shot to the far post. While ElPozo were impeccable on the counter, Barça were enjoying chances but none were going in. Rafa, on nine minutes, deflected Lozano’s shot to a corner. Only three minutes later, Saad, on the goal line, denied a goal after Esquerdinha pounced on a rebound. De Bail, on 14 minutes, scored his second of the night. The teams wen to the break with 3-0 on the scoreboard.

No luck in front of goal

At the start of the second half, ElPozo made sure to come out with a solid defence. Barça, on the other hand, came out with the goal of scoring at least three goals. Fernandao, on 24 minutes, had an excellent chance to open up the scoring for his team, but he was denied. Igor, one minute later, sent the ball to the woodwork. Luck didn’t seem to be on the home team’s side even though they were creating more than enough chances to merit at least one goal. When the Azulgranas were at their best a goal from Bebe on 26 minutes made it 0-4.

Minutes later, Barça hit the woodwork again, thanks to a shot from Wilde, and Rafa, with another amazing save diverted Lozano’s shot to a corner. Marc Carmona sent out Rodríguez as a keeper-player for a couple of minutes in an attempt to pull a goal back. However, Alex, on 30 minutes, scored for his team thanks to a good assist from Miguelín. Despite the result, Barça kept on fighting and they created a couple of more chances, however, Rafa was simply sublime in goal. The second goal of the night for Alex came on 37 minutes making it 0-6. Saad scored for Barça a minute later.

It’s worth mentioning that 10 minutes after the game had ended the Barça players came back out to the court to thank their fans.



FCB Alusport: Cristian, Lozano, Lin, Saad, Wilde –starting five- Fernandao, Gabriel, Igor, Torras and Javi Rodríguez

ElPozo Múrcia: Rafa, Kike, Esquerdinha, De Bail, Grello –starting five- Miguelín, Saúl, Salgado and Bebe

Goals: 0-1, De Bail (1’); 0-2, Miguelín (6’); 0-3, De Bail (14’); 0-4, Bebe (26’); 0-5, Alex (30’); 0-6, Alex (37’); 1-6, Saad (39’)

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