ElPozo and Barça Alusport, the finalists of the LNFS final series/ PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB

ElPozo Murcia have qualified for the final of the LNFS after beating Caja Segovia in the final match of the semifinal series by 4-1. ElPozo Murcia finished on top of the table in the regular season which means that they will have home-court advantage in the championship series against FC Barcelona Alusport.

History is on Barça’s side

This will be the second consecutive final series for Marc Carmona’s men. Last year’s was against Caja Segovia - Catalans and Muricanos have never faced each other in the Liga’s championship series. However, the teams have played against each other four times this season.

The first time, in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup, Barça Alusport beat ElPozo by 7-2 in Torrejón. In the Liga’s regular season, both of the matches between the two sided ended in a draw. In the first half of the season, at the Palau Blaugrana, the teams drew 5-5. In the second half of the season, at the Palacio de Deportes in Murcia, Barça and ElPozo finished with a four-all draw.

The last time ElPozo and Barça faced off was in the final of the Copa del Rey in Antequera on May 15th. Marc Carmona’s men beat ElPozo by 6 to 3 in the final. Even though Barça have not beaten ElPozo in the Liga, in finals and knockout ties, Barça have always won.

LNFS Final schedule

The final of the LNFS is a best-of-five playoff. The first match between the two sides will be played on Tuesday, June 12th at 21:30 (live on Barça TV) away to ElPozo. The following two matches will be played at the Palau Blaugrana on the weekend of the 16th. The last two matches of the series will be played the following week, June 23rd, at the Palacio de Deportes in Murcia.

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