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The Final of the LNFS is a best of five series, which means one of the two teams must win three matches to clinch the title. Barça, who play without home-court advantage, have to overcome the huge challenge of winning away to ElPozo if they want to be champions: Barça have never beaten ElPozo at the Palacio de los Deportes in Murcia.

16 defeats and 1 draw

In total, Barça Alusport have played on ElPozo’s court 17 times. Of these 17 matches, the Azulgranas have lost 16 games and drawn 1. The draw happened this season.

Ever since Marc Carmona’s team were promoted to the Division of Honour six seasons ago, the Azulgranas had never secured any points away to ElPozo. However, this season, the bad streak was broken when Barça Alusport managed to take one point against the Southerners in a four-all draw at the Palacio de los Deportes. It was an intense match and it was decided in the final minute of play. Barça had the lead but Kike scored the equaliser in the dying seconds of the match.

That match in Murcia marked Barça Alusport’s improvement against ElPozo. The Azulgranas will have to be focused and concentrated in the Final of the LNFS if they want to claim the title, which means Barça will have to break their winless 17-match streak away to ElPozo and win at least one game at the Palacio de los Deportes.

Barça's record in Murcia

2006/2007: EPM 4-1 FCB

2007/2008: EPM 5-2 FCB

2008/2009: EPM 5-2 FCB

2009/2010: EPM 3-2 FCB / Play-off: EPM 3-2 FCB

2010/2011: EPM 4-3 FCB

2011/2012: EPM 4-4 FCB

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