Saad anf co. in Logroño (Photo: FCB)

The team's walkabout in Logroño (photo: FCB)

The FC Barcelona Alusport players enjoyed a day of off where team walks, recovery work and a break from the Spain Cup competition ruled the day.

Lunch and team walk at midday

While the coaching staff met at 10:00 for breakfast, the players enjoyed some free time. Some players joined the coaching staff at breakfast, while other players took advantage of the free morning to sleep in, thus nursing their battle trodden bodies back to health after the match against Caja Segovia.

At noon, however, all the players were called to the common hall of the hotel. The team and coaching staff went on a team walk through Logroño. It’s worth nothing that the team was rather conspicuous in the Rijoa capital.

Lunch and quarter-finals

At 14:00 it was time to eat lunch. The cuisine, like always , consisted of salads, rice, fish and meat, accompanied by cream-based desserts, fruit, flan and yogurt. Once finished, the players were told to meet at 18:15 outside to hotel. FC Barcelona Alusport would be spectators in the Lobelle Santiago v Carnicer Torrejón Spainish Cup quarter-final match.

Interviews and photographs

Besides the programmed activities for this Friday, the team also attended to the press. Phone interviews, photographs and in-person chats were also the highlight of Barça’s restful day.

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