Barça Alusport with the Spanish Cup/ PHOTO: RUBÉN DE PEDRO-LNFS

Barça Alusport won their second consecutive Spanish Cup after beating Lobelle Santiago in an intense match. Both teams went to the break with a goalless draw on the scoreboard, the second half finished with a two-all draw. In overtime, Barça beat out the team led by Tomás de Dios thanks to three goals that tipped the scales in the Catalan team’s favour (5-3).

Very even first half

Barça Alusport and Lobelle Santiago started off the match with mutual respect, with a lot of equality in terms of the flow of the game, that lasted throughout much of the first half. Five minutes had gone by and neither Barça nor Lobelle had a shot on goal.

Lobelle’s solid defence didn’t allow the Barça players to enter the area which forced Barça to take most of their shots from outside the box. Barça pressed Lobelle high up the court, where they saw their efforts rewarded on more than on occasion. The first chance of the game came on six minutes, when Fernandao unleashed a well placed shot close to the left post of the goal guarded by Álex. The keeper, however, did well to save the attempt. The Barça team was struggling to construct fluid attacking plays and Lobelle was creating chances of their own, most of which came through counterattacks. However, neither side managed to break the deadlock.

Halfway through the first half, Barça found that it was easier to reach Lobelle’s area. The team led by Marc Carmona started to take control and Catalans started to dominate ball possession. The last chance of the first half came 14 seconds from time when Lozano’s powerful shot crashed against the post.

Nail-bitting second half

It was almost as if the second half was a completely different game. Barça started out with a concerted effort to take the lead, and they showed that they were the better side in the first minutes with multiple goalscoring chances. It wasn’t until seven minutes later that the goal finally came: Torras assisted Javi Rodríguez, from a corner, and Rodríguez unleashed a powerful shot to beat Álex.

Lobelle was quick to react. After a time out called by Tomás de Dios where he told his men that “the final starts now,” Lobelle roared back onto the court and harried Barça until they scored the equaliser through Raúl Campo.

From that moment on the game took on a frenetic pace. The offensive plays on both ends of the court were constant. Barça Alusport took the lead once again through a goal scored by Wilde. With four minutes to go until the end, Rubi sent a shot, from the middle of the area, into the back of Barça’s net. In the last minute, both teams toned down the intensity knowing that overtime was looming.

Four goals in five minutes

Both teams had chances to score at the start of the overtime period. Sergi Lozano put Barça in front after only a minute. Despite the exhaustion on both sides, the players kept on pushing. From that point on, a goal was scored every minute. Ball possession was relatively equal, but Carmona’s men made the difference. After a free kick that Álex saved, Lozano scored another Barça goal. A minute later, Wilde scored from behind the halfway line.

Even though the goal difference was ample, Lobelle kept on fighting until the end. Charlie scored with four seconds remaining on the clock to close out the game (5-3). Barça Alusport had won their second consecutive Spanish Cup.



FCB Alusport: Cristian (g), Ari, Lin, Saad, Wilde –starting five- Sergio Lozano, Torras, Fernandao, Igor, Javi Rodríguez

Lobelle Santiago: Álex (g), Aixardo, Palmas, David, Chaguinha –starting five-, Raúl Campos,  Luis, Barroso, Hamza, Quintela, Rubi, Charlie

Goals: 1-0, Javi Rodríguez,min 27; 1-1, Raúl Campos, min 33; 2-1, Wilde, min 35; 2-2, Rubi, min 36; 3-2, Sergio Lozano, min 42; 4-2, Sergio Lozano, min 43; 5-2, Wilde, min 44; 5-3, Charlie, min 45.

Referees: Gutiérrez Lumbreras i Gracia Marín.

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