The fifth match of the LNFS Final series stated many hours before the referee blew the starting whistle. Marc Carmona and his managerial staff decided to motive the players with a mural that featured the slogan: “Big players win matches, big teams win championships.”

Pre-match meeting

The idea to make a mural came about 24 hours ahead of the fifth and final match of the series. Carmona met with Carles Cascante, chief press officer of the team, and with Alex Caparrós, official Club photographer, to select the images that would later be part of the mural. They selected a total of 40 photos, all of them transmitting the values of unity, cohesion and team spirit.

Preparation and surprise

On Monday, the day of the match, the Barça Alusport players exited the hotel and headed to the Palacio de los Deportes at 20:10. Kickoff was at 21:30. At 19:00, however, the chief press officer, the official photographer and the equipment manager, Xavi Fernández, had already gone to the area to prepare the motivational mural. The three men constructed the 40-picture installation and the slogan in the Barça Alusport dressing room.

Pre-match speech

When the players arrived, the look of surprise on their faces was evident. Each one of them contemplated the mural for good while and Marc Carmona, during his pre-match talk, told the team: “I wanted to give the final speech, in front of the mural, before the end of the match. I want you to know that tonight we are a team, we will win.” The rest is history.

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