Fernandao celebrates winning the title


Barça Alusport closed out the 2012/13 season in epic fashion. The Liga, which was won at the end of June, was the third title of the season won by the Blaugrana after the Copa de España and the Copa del Rey were claimed earlier in the season.

Stuttering start

The first official match of the season pitted Barça Alusport against ElPozo Murcia in the semi-finals of the Supercopa de España. Despite taking the lead, Barça saw as ElPozo fought back to take the win by 5 to 2.

The first title of the season

Barça Alusport’s new captain, Jordi Torras, lifted his first title of the season in February. It was in Alcalá de Henares in the final against ElPozo Murcia. After defeating Umacon Zaragoza and Santiago Futsal in the quarters and semis, respectively, Carmona’s men had their vengeance on Duda’s men. Barça won by 4 to 2, and thus claimed their third consecutive Copa de España.

Disappointing trip to Tbilisi

Georgia hosted the Final Four of the UEFA Futsal Cup. After winning the title last year in Lleida, the Blaugrana travelled to Tbilisi convinced that they could defend their crown. What they didn’t expect was to come up against a very prepared Kairat Almaty team. The team from Kazakhstan went on to win the title after they defeated Barça in the semifinals.

Another Copa del Rey

Nothing helps put a painful defeat in the past better than winning a title. The team’s third consecutive Copa del Rey was won in Irún, against ElPozo Murcia. ElPozo were completely demolished by Carmona’s men, who were up 5-0 after only 15 minutes of play. The end result was 6-3, thus giving Barça its third Cup title in as many years.

The third league title is won

The last great challenge of the season was winning the league title. For the third consecutive year, and again facing ElPozo Murcia, Carmona’s men stood their ground against a team that gave it their all. The four matches played in the final series were all fairly equal, but Barça came out on top, the third and fourth matches of series saw the Blaugrana win the title in front of their home fans.