Barça Lassa were unable to overcome Zalguiris Kaunas on Tuesday night, and suffered their first defeat of the season at the Palau Blaugrana. Sito Alonso’s team were up against a very tough opponent, both in defence and attack, and the hosts therefore weren’t as fluid or incisive as in previous games. Former Barça player, Sarunas Jasikevicius, returned as coach of the Lithuanians and was given a great ovation by the fans.

The game started with both teams ticking the scoreboard along nicely. Kevin Seraphin, with six points in the first few minutes, led Barça’s charge along with Adam Hanga, however the visitors matched them basket for basket and by the end of the first period were up three points on Barça Lassa (21-24).

In the second quarter, Zalguiris continued to complicate matters, allowing them to maintain a five-point lead. The hosts were forced to attack centrally time after time, but with only a modicum of success they trailed by six at the half-time break (39-45).

Spurred on by the Palau, Barça Lassa increased their intensity but still their opponents were able to keep them at arms length. In the final quarter, two three-pointers from Pau Ribas and Pierre Oriola gave the hosts some hope, but that was quickly extinguished by the Lithuanians.


Barça Lassa, 75

Zalguiris Kaunas,81

Barça Lassa: Heurtel (8), Koponen (13), Hanga (19), Moerman (6), Seraphin (13) -starters- Pressey (-), Ribas (3), Tomic (3), Oriola (10) and Vezenkov (-)

Zalguiris: Davies (8),Micic (21),Jankunas (4),Milaknis (5),Pangos (16)- starters- Kavaliauskas (2), White (12),Toupane (5), Ulanovas (5),Valinskas (2) and Masiulis (-)

Periods: 21-24, 39-45, 54-62, 75-81

Referees: Luigi Lamonica, Ilija Belosevic, Milan Nedovic

Palau Blaugrana, 5.034 spectators

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