FC Barcelona Lassa are 2-0 in the Liga Endesa after taking the first derby of the season on their visit to neighbouring Badalona. It was a tense, dramatic game that ended 72-74, with the green-and-blacks pushing FCB to the very limit. But that’s now an astonishing eleven consecutive league wins in the Olympic Pavilion and also a fine result for the first, albeit short, road trip of the campaign.

Barça led by six at the end of the first period, largely thanks to 8 straight points for Moerman and some fine contributions from Heurtel.

‘La Penya’ reacted after the restart, and had pulled back to 37-37, but an 11-6 streak from FCB soon re-established their lead as they took command of the defensive rebounds.

When three threes practically in a row from Ribas, Heurtel and Sanders flung the gap up to ten at 57-67, it looked like game over, but the home side immediately bit back with seven uncontested points.

It was all going down to the wire, and the remaining minutes played out with scores being exchanged at either end, but Barça snatching it in the end – next up it’s Burgos on Sunday at the Palau. 


Joventut: Vidal (7), Richard (11), Gielo (10), Kulvietis (16), Jordan (9) -starting five- Birgander (2), López-Arostegui (-), Gudul (-), Mavra (2), Dimitrijevic (5), Ventura (10).

Barça: Heurtel (5), Pau Ribas (7), Hanga (9), Moerman (11), Séraphin (14) -starting five- Pressey (6), Vezenkov (-), Sanders (13), Koponen (9), Diagné (-), Navarro (-).

Periods: 20-26 / 37-37 / 50-54 / 72-74

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