Despite not playing a bad match, FC Barcelona Lassa were beaten by the long-range game of UCAM Múrcia, who, through Benite, Kloof and Urtasun, condemned Barça to their fifth consecutive defeat (94-97).

Both teams started the match slowly and it wasn’t until two minutes of play before the first points were scored; a three-pointer from Lukovic. From that point, a more offensive game was played by both sides, and among the Blaugranes, Heurtel stood out in the first period.

The second quarter continued with the same scoring rhythm as the first, UCAM enjoying a greater advantage (33-43) thanks to three consecutive three-point shots from Benite. However, Barça didn’t let their heads drop and with Heurtel and Vezenkov particularly successful, they reduced the difference by half-time (48-50 ).

Pau Ribas helped the hosts go ahead for the first time, at the start of the third period (52-50), but the visitors still managed to hit the basket from distance, allowing them to surge ahead once more.

Trailing by 14 points in the final, decisive quarter, Sito Alonso called for a time out. As his Barça Lassa side went looking for a comeback, they left themselves open to counter-attacks, and with only four minutes left, the margin was still the same. Believing that they could achieve what seemed impossible, the Blaugranes gave one final push but fell agonisingly short of their opponents.

Match details

FC Barcelona Lassa, 94
UCAM Múrcia, 97

FC Barcelona Lassa: Heurtel (28), Ribas (8), Hanga (7), Moerman (2), Seraphin (14) − starters −, Koponen (6), Oriola (2), Navarro (-), Vezenkov (11),Tomic (-) and Pressey (16).

UCAM Múrcia: Kloof (14), Oleson (6), Urtasun (18), Tumba (2), Faverani (-) − starters −, Lukovic (8), Hannah (8), Benite (19), Martín (-), Soko (8), Delía (7) and Rojas (7).

Periods: 21-23, 48-50, 67-75, 94-97

Referees: Benjamín Jiménez, Luis Miguel Castillo, Antonio Sacristán.

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