Satoransky in action versus Obradoiro at the Palau Blaugrana / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

[[DES_1]]Barça lost on their last two visits to Santiago de Compostela, but not this time. Although they’re at the lower end of the ACB table, Rio Natura Monbus Obradoiro were 6-3 in home games and proved tough to crack on Sunday evening too.

Things got off to a fine start, with Tomic and Doellman contributing to a quick 4-10 lead, and threes from Satoransky and Oleson kept the momentum going until the end of the period, which ended 12-18.

But the Galicians made it clear in the second period that they weren’t going let the Catalans run away with it. Brown, Yusta and Caloiaro all helped to chip away at Barça’s lead, and by the break there were just two points in it at 37-39.

The third period was far less dynamic, and the first six minutes saw a combined total of just eight points scored, five of which were for the home side to get things level at 42-42. And then Brown and McGrath both fired in threes to put Obradoiro six ahead (48-42). After scoring just seven in the third period, Barça were in trouble. Ten minutes to go and four points down (50-46).

Frantic fightback

But Barça have the players to turn any game around, and that’s just what they did in the final period. Navarro’s three helped to nudge them back ahead at 52-54, although this was followed by an exchange of 3-pointers that ended with the game tied again on 57-57.

Yusta and Brown continued to shine for Obradoiro, but their good work was undone by a terrific score from Samuels to leave things at 60-63 with just a minute and a half to play, and it was free throws from the same player that then made it 62-65.

Now it was a case of playing down the clock, and baskets from today’s top scorer Doellman (13) and Ribas finished off the job. The result of 62-69 leaves Barça with a 16-2 record and second to Valencia, who still have a perfect 18-0.

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Rio Natura Monbus Obradoiro: McGrath (8), Haws (2), Bendzius (2), Caloiaro (9) i Pustovyi –starting five–, Brown (9), Triguero (8), Pozas (6), Wackzynski (7) i Yusta (11).

Barça Lassa: Satoransky (8), Navarro (8), Doellman (13), Tomic (4) i Perperoglou (2) –starting five–, Vezenkov (7), Ribas (4), Lawal (2), Abrines (6), Oleson (9), Samuels (6) i Eriksson.

Periods: 12-18 / 25-21 / 13-7 / 12-23.

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