Satoransky in action against Khimki Moscow / EUROLEAGUE

FC Barcelona have lost at Khimki of Russia, who have only lost two games at home all season, and the result means that the Muscovites (5-4) move ahead of the Catalans (4-5) in an intense battle for the quarter final berths.

Khimki inflicted a 10-0 streak on Barça Lassa between the 3rd and 6th minutes, and the visitors failed to bounce back from that in the first half of play, despite Doellman performing well and contributing five points. Scores from Ribas and Dorsey did the best job at cutting the deficit (16-11), but quick scoring from the home side meant their lead was back to double figures by the end of the first period 24-14.

A poor 38% in 2-point attempts and 10 lost balls hit Barça bad in the second. Khimki scored another 24 to go in at the break 48-29 ahead. When the teams returned, not even a fine 0-8 streak for FCB, with a 2-1 for Tomic, a three for Doellman and two frees from Navarro could get things looking any better than 56-41.  

The game was lost, but Barça could at least push to get a favourable head-to-head difference with regard to the Russians, which with the standings as they are could prove crucial in deciding which team progresses. Barça were +17 from their win at the Palau Blaugrana.

And a 4-9, streak, featuring seven from Samuels and two from Satoransky was precisely what did the trick. The game ended 75-61, and the positive note is that Barça will now advance in the case of a hypothetical tie on wins with Khimki. So it wasn’t all bad news, despite the result.

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Khimki: Rice (5), Shved (16), Honeycutt (11), Monia (8), Augustine (13) –starting five–, Dragic (7), Koponen (2), Vyaltsev (-), Paul Davis (13).

Barça: Satoransky (6), Navarro (6), Perperoglou (7), Doellman (14), Tomic (5) –starting five–, Dorsey (2), Ribas (7), Vezenkov (-), Samuels (9), Oleson (-), Arroyo (5).

Periods: 24-14, 24-15 (48-29), 13-14 (61-43), 14-18 (75-61).

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