Satoransky scores sgainst ICL Manresa / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

FC Barcelona Lassa have bounced back from Euroleague defeat at Panathinaikos to go 8-1 in the Liga Endesa with a win in the Catalan derby. A great second period proved decisive, although it was a tough test from start to finish at the Nou Congost.

Some poor Barça Lassa shooting allowed Manresa to take an early lead of 7-2, but intense defending got the visitors back into contention and by the end of the first ten minutes they had edged into the lead at 14-17.

The errors of the first period weren’t repeated in the second and a 0-9 streak including a spectacular 3+1 from Arroyo saw Barça storm ahead at 14-26, although Manresa fought straight back to narrow the difference to eight points. That’s how things stayed for most of the rest of the half, which ended with a buzzer-beater from Alex Hernández in a one on one with Diagné to make it 31-39 as the teams headed for the locker rooms.  

The third period got off to a flying start for Manresa with five consecutive points for Sánchez. That got the home fans hopeful of a comeback, but some sloppy losses of possession and some canny decisions by the Barça offence meant that by the end of the period, the chances of that happening had become very slim indeed with twelve points now dividing the teams (45-57).

With some rapid transitions and flowing moves, Barça twisted the sword into the wound in the final period, with a three from Navarro opening the gap to a game-high of seventeen points (58-75) in the final minutes. Otverchenko saved some face for the home side with a late basket, but it was all over by that stage.

Barça remain tied on 8-1 with Real Madrid, with Valencia still leading the way in the ranking with a perfect 9-0 record.

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ICL Manresa, 60
FCB Lassa, 75

ICL Manresa: Musli (9), Grigonis (9), Sánchez (8), Otverchenko (11), Thomas (9) –starting five-, Hernández (4), Montáñez, Simon (4), García (2), Flis, Sandul (2), Barrera (2). 

FC Barcelona Lassa: Satoransky (6), Abrines (8), Ribas (2), Tomic (12), Samuels (2) –starting five-, Arroyo (8), Navarro (9), Oleson (1), Perperoglou (8), Doellman (14), Diagné, Vezenkov (5).

Periods: 14-17 / 17-22 / 14-18 / 15-18.

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