Lawal goes up against Jones and Sekulic / ÁNGEL PÉREZ - IBEROSTAR TENERIFE

FC Barcelona Lassa earned a hard-fought league victory away to Iberostar Tenerife (64-83) on Sunday. The scoreline may suggest that it was a comfortable afternoon for Xavi Pascual's side, but the home side proved to be tough competition throughout.

Perperoglou started brightly with nine points in the first quarter, five of which came in the opening two minutes. Despite Barça opening an eight-point advantage in the first period, Tenerife reduced the deficit to just two in the second (36-38).

The home side would have gone into the break ahead had it not been for a spectacular three-pointer from Abrines on the buzzer.

It was only in the third quarter when Barça began to assert their dominance. Two trebles and a basket from Abrines, as well as three free throws by Doellman and an Oleson three-pointer saw the Catalans begin to break away (40-52).

Five points from Satoransky and two from Samuels extended Barça’s lead even further (47-64) as Tenerife finally looked defeated. Barça Lassa eventually closed out the game in comfortable fashion (64-83) to earn their 14th win of the campaign.

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Match details

Iberostar Tenerife, 64
FC Barcelona Lassa, 83

Tenerife: Richotti (12), Sekulic (9), Abromaitis (12), Beirán (6), White (9) –starting five-, Arco, O’Leary (4), Jones (8), San Miguel, Lindstrom, Niang (2) and Hanley (2).

Barça: Doellman (12), Satoransky (7), Oleson (9), Perperoglou (11), Tomic (1) –starting five-, Ribas (7), Lawal (8), Abrines (17), Samuels (9), Vezenkov, Eriksson (2) and Diagné.

Score by quarter: 15-23 / 21-15 / 11-23 / 17/19

Officials: Bultó, Peruga and Sánchez

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