A spectacular score from Brad Oleson / VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

Joventut (17+16+15+11): S. Vidal (6), Suton (0), Abalde (14), Drame (2), Mallet (8) –starting five-, Sàbat (8), Llovet (2), Miralles (4), Ventura (6), Paul (7), Rakovic (2).

FCB Lassa (19+16+24+26): Doellman (21), Navarro (3), Satoransky (5), Diagne (0), Perperoglou (0) –starting five-, Ribas (11), Vezenkov (4), Eriksson (11), Samuels (9), Oleson (8), Arroyo (2), Tomic (11).


Barça Lassa have continued their solid form in basketball’s Liga Endesa. After the dramatic defeat of CSKA in the Euroleague, they have won a lively derby against FIATC Joventut on the back of a fine second half after the first two periods were very closely contested. Doellman’s wonderful spell goes on, with the American contributing 21 points to a win that keeps FCB top of the table (21-2).

The first period saw neither side establish a meaningful lead until the very end, when six consecutive points from Doellman made it 11-15.

The second period saw the sides gridlocked, cancelling out each other’s advances. From 28-28, Barça again reacted well, but still only led by two by the time of the break (33-35).

The third period saw a change of script, with Barça Lassa suddenly much more clinical. Straight threes from Oleson and Vezenkov suddenly had them sixteen in front (38-54), and although Abalde led a great response from Badalona, the home side were unable to get the difference back to single figures, and the period ended 51-64.

Doellman led the final charge, inspiring the team has they killed the game. A fine score from Brad Oleson stretched the lead to 51-70, and right at the end, Eriksson sent home back-to-back 3-pointers to well and truly put the derby to bed (59-85).

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