Justin Doellman speaks to Barça TV. / GERMÁN PARGA-FCB

The FC Barcelona Lassa basketball team are moving full steam ahead. And for Justin Doellman, the American power forward who has been training daily under the orders of head coach Xavi Pascual, this year's team has potential. In an interview with Barca TV, Doellman came straight out and said what many people are thinking. "We have a great team," Doellman said, while adding, "I'm really excited about the challenges this year."

The Cincinnati, Ohio native also goes on to talk about his beginnings in the world of basketball, as well as the importance of his father, and even who his idol is. Doellman touches on subjects as varied as his nickname, 'Captain America', as well as one of his true passions, triathlons.

After living in Barcelona for the past year, Doellman has done a good job of adapting to the Catalan culture. "We love the place and the people here have received us very well," he explained.

To find out more, including who Doellman says are the funniest players on the team, check out the complete interview, here.

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