Navarro during the first game of this year's final | PACO LARGO - FCB

Barça Lassa are 2-1 down in the best-of-five Liga Endesa final series and now need to win at Real Madrid on Wednesday to bring things back to the Palau Blaugrana for the decider.

Barça have already won away to their biggest rivals this season, so it’s by no means asking the impossible, and the current situation brings back memories of the 2012 season when Barça turned around a 2-1 deficit to collect the domestic league trophy.

That year, the Catalans won game one at the Palau right on the buzzer, with Marcelinho Huertas making it 81-80, and the same thing happened this time round, with Perperoglou delivering the goods. Four years ago, Barça went on to lose game one at home and game three on the road but things worked out fine in the end.

They won game four in Madrid (75-81) with Lorbek and Wallace both on outstanding form. And they then clinched the title back at the Palau, a day coach Xavi Pascual and also Juan Carlos Navarro remember only too well, as well as Madrid coach Pablo Laso and players Reyes, Rodríguez, Carroll and Llull. They were all involved in that series, as was Ante Tomic, then for Madrid but now at FCB.

Barça have played 15 league elimination games over the years in which they have lost their home court advantage by going 1-1 after two games. And yet on 13 of those occasions they still managed to progress. So there is no cause for alarm no matter how much of a disappointment Monday’s result might have been! It’s been done before…

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