Satoransky is currently in fine form | Víctor Salgado - FCB

The final of the Endesa League is set to get underway with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid going head-to-head in a best-of-five battle.

Barça have home advantage in Wednesday’s opening game, but Real Madrid pose a strong threat with the best attack in the division, with an average 90 points per game.

It is the fifth straight final between the two teams and, so far, the wins have alternated. Real Madrid have a team full of quality individuals which means there will be plenty of interesting duels come Friday.

While Llul, Rodriguez, Carroll and Ayon have been the protagonists for the side from the capital, so have Tomic, Satoransky and Perperoglou for Barça, among plenty of others.

Barça go into the round of matches in good form and have home advantage in the first game which they will be hoping can push them towards a winning start.

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