Xavi Pascual


Xavi Pascual, along with more than 25 managers, participated in a series of Euroleague work shops this week. All of them believe “that it’s very important for the managers to be implicated in the future of the Euroleague” and they believe that the tournament’s governing body “has made the correct choice.” They also add that “with time everyone will realise that this is a good idea and the important thing is to have a finish product that’s better for the fans.”

“Since the beginning we’ve been aware of the role the managers have in our game,” said Jordi Bertomeu, who added that without the help of the managers “many of the things that we’ve achieved wouldn’t have been possible.”

Favourable to a more domestic schedule

The managers who participated in the work shops agree that the schedule of the competition is getting more drawn out, and in turn it doesn’t allow for proper rest for the players between matches. In addition, FIBA’s plans to hold an international this winter compresses the clubs’ schedule even further.

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