FC Barcelona are 17-8 in the ACB after losing in Valencia / FCB ARCHIVE

València Basket (28+18+22+25): Van Rossom (13, Ribas (18), Sato (6), Aguilar (17), Dubljevic (11) (starting five), Loncas, Harangody (3), Vives (7), Rafa Martínez, Lucic (8), Lishchuk

FC Barcelona (24+18+18+13): Satoransky (3), Navarro (8), Thomas (12), Tomic (8), Doellman (10) (starting five), Nachbar (2), Pleiss (8), Huertas (8), Oleson, Hezonja, Abrines, Lampe (6)

FC Barcelona struggled all the way through their ACB fixture in Valencia and a 19-4 streak in the third period proved fatal.

Things got off to the wrong start when the home side got 19 points in the first six minutes thanks to threes from Van Rossom and Ribas, and the high-scoring first period ended 28-24. The defences came to the fore in the second ten minute period, and at 32-33 Barça managed to get into the lead but failed to hold onto it for long and halftime arrived with them trailing 46-42.

A 0-5 streak then got Barça back in front, but Valencia responded with the aforesaid 19-4 blitz and in the flash of an eyelid, the Catalans were in deep trouble at 65-54. FC Barcelona did all they could to conjure up a reaction in the final quarter, but to little avail, and the home side even extended their lead to the eventual twenty-point difference of 93-73. The result leaves Barça joint third in the table with a 17-8 record.

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