Pleiss and Golubovic battle for the ball / ACB Photo - M. Pozo

FC Barcelona failed in their attempt to secure their semi-final series with Unicaja Malaga and with the teams locked at 2-2, game five back at the Palau Blaugrana will decide which of the two sides will progress to meet Real Madrid in the final.

Unicaja controlled the first period from start to finish and a 9-0 streak sent them flying into an early lead. Satoransky finally got Barça off the mark but by the end of the period they were still trailing by six (20-14).

Things didn’t get any better in the next ten minutes, with a 9-1 streak putting the Andalusians even more firmly in the driving seat. Navarro didn’t manage to get a single point in the first half, and five points from Kuzminskas just before the break left Xavi Pascual with plenty to think about as the players left the court (41-24).

After 24 minutes, Unicaja had put twenty points between themselves and the Catalans (46-26), and although there was a drop in Unicaja’s dominance towards the end, Barça failed to make the most of the opportunity and were facing a huge uphill struggle in the final period (55-40).

They gave it their best shot. Huertas helped reduce the deficit to ten and for the first time in the game, Unicaja were flailing. Navarro finally found the basket with six minutes to go, and with the score at 59-52, there was suddenly hope of a comeback. But Unicaja bit back, dominating the rebounds and once again building up a lead that, by this stage of the game, looked definitive (67-52).

Indeed it was, and it all ended 77-66, and all will now be decided on Sunday at the Palau. The game starts at 5.00pm CET.

HIGHLIGHTS Unicaja 77-66 FCB (4th match play... por fcbarcelona



Unicaja: Granger (11), Kuzminskas (5), Stefansson (9), Thomas (7), Golubovic (4) –starting five-, Fran Vázquez (9), Gabriel (4), Markovic (5), Vasileiadis (3), Toolson (9), Suárez (8), Green (3) & Golubovic (4).

FC Barcelona: Satoransky (12), Navarro (7), Hezonja (5), Doellman (2),  Tomic (12) –starting five-, Huertas (14), Abrines, Pleiss (3), Thomas (6), Oleson (3), Lampe & Nachbar (2).

Periods: 20-14, 21-10, 14-16 & 22-26

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