Ante Tomic led the Barça charge / PHOTO: FCB ARCHIVE

[[DES_1]] Barça were exceptional in Sunday’s league game away to Fuenlabrada, following up the equally impressive win over Bayern Munich midweek. Ante Tomic (23 points, 28 evaluation) was once again the main man as the Catalans stormed to a 10-20 lead after just nine minutes. The absence of the fever-struck Maciej Lampe made no difference as that lead was extended in the second period to 29-43.

DeShaun Thomas led the charge in the third period, in which the visitors further stretched their lead to what had become an unassailable 45-62 that meant they could ease off a little in the final quarter. That allowed Fuenlabrada to make the scoreline considerably more respectable, but the Barça victory was never under any kind of threat.


Montakit Fuenlabrada, 64 - FC Barcelona, 79

Montakit Fuenlabrada: Díaz, Baron (9), Panko (5), Clark (15), Akindele (5) -starting five-, Rodríguez (4), Miso (15), Smits, Vega i Diagné (11).

FC Barcelona: Huertas (7), Navarro (8), Thomas (8), Doellman (6), Tomic (23) -starting five-, Satoransky (8), Abrines (5), Nachbar (7), Hezonja (3), Oleson i Pleiss (4). 

Referees: Miguel Ángel Pérez Pérez, Carlos Peruga & Manuel.

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