Satoransky played in the Super Cup Final / PHOTO: VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

Xavi Pascual confirmed after the game with Herbalife Gran Canària that guard Tomas Satoransky is almost ready to return to duty. “I can’t give any more details about the process” he said. “But he is in the home stretch and if all develops normally, he’ll be back with the team this week.”

“He has taken a series of tests that need time” he continued. “And we have had to wait that time, but all has gone to plan. If there are no changes, then in all likelihood, Satoransky will be ready to compete soon”.

Abnormal heart rate

Tomas Satoransky was signed from CB Sevilla in the summer, and has missed the start of the league season, the trip to Asia, and the first Euroleague match due to a heart problem detected during a medical check after the Catalan league match in Seu d’Urgell. He has been under close observation ever since.

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