Xavi Pascual said Barça grew as a team on their Asian Tour. PHOTO: EUROLEAGUE

After six non-stop days in Asia, the basketball team is back in Barcelona. The 2014 Asian Tour has made the team optimistic, with positive reviews on training and group cohesion. They stressed the importance of getting the Club's name out into the world and getting some face time with their many Asian fans.

"We did solid work and we trained quite well, with four straight sessions that really helped us grow. In terms of group dynamics everything has been great," said head coach Xavi Pascual, well aware of the coming schedule. "It was a good week and now we have to get ready for the upcoming games on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday," he added. Finally, he said the team is clearly progressing. "Some things are better than others, and we have a lot to improve on defence, but all that stuff is normal at this stage of the game."

Bladé, satisfied

Basketball Director John Blade talked about what the Asian Tour has meant for him and for the Club: "I think it was a wonderful experience, both professionally and as a person. We got to see supporters who know about more than just football," he said. He also talked about the importance of the business side of things. "We met plenty of people who are interested in collaborating with us."

As for this year's team, Bladé remains highly optimistic despite injuries to Eriksson and Satoransky. "I think it looks pretty good this season, and it should be great when we get those guys back. We have a fantastic coach who really knows the players and knows how to get the best out of them," he remarked.

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