Navarro featured in a comfortable win for Barça. PHOTO: FCBQ

Barcelona are into yet another Catalan Cup Final after winning on Wednesday night in La Seu d’Urgell, the town up on the French border that’s hosting the tournament this year, against La Bruixa d’Or Manresa 82-66. Against a side that has only maintained one player from last season’s roster, the second period decided it for Barça as they flew 14 points ahead (48-34) at the break.

Manresa simply didn’t have the resources to mount a comeback and Barça soon extended that lead to +18 after 30 minutes, boosted by the presence on court of an unstoppable Navarro. The excitement had gone out of the game, but there were still moments to enjoy, with Eriksson and Hezonja both issuing firm reminders of why they are in this team.

From there on it was a simple matter of running down the clock and although the play got sloppy as the intensity faded, Barça’s lead was never under threat and Pascual can now start thinking about Thursday’s final against MoraBanc Andorra (9.00 PM CET).


FCB, 82
La Bruixa d’Or, 66

FC Barcelona: Huertas (5), Navarro (5), Thomas (0), Doellman (18) i Tomic (7) –starting five-; Hakanson (0), Hezonja (15), Abrines (6), Eriksson (9), Pleiss (1), Oleson (8), Lampe (8).

Manresa: Nil Angelats (4), Dewar (3), Grigonis (5), Hall (2) i Ogilvy (10) –starting five-; Bivià (7), Marc Garcia (8), Sabata (0), Samuels (4), Grimau (10), Haritopoulos (10).

Periods: 20-21, 28-13, 18-14, 16-18

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