Barça have made it to 1,000 victories in the Spanish championship

Barça have made it to 1,000 victories in the Spanish championship

1. The arrival of Aíto García Reneses. The ‘madrileño’ came to Barça in 1985, and changed the face of the game in the country, which until then had been the domain of Real Madrid. He won the league four times in the eighties and a total of nine times in his 15 years as FC Barcelona head coach.

2. Memorable names: Every Barça basketball fan can recite the names of the famous quintet of Nacho Solozábal, Chicho Sibilio, Juan Antonio San Epifanio, Andrés Jiménez and Audie Norris.

3. The 89 and 90 league. Drazen Petrovic put strength back into Real Madrid but spectacular game five wins at the Palau Blaugrana won four consecutive ACBs, and ever since Barça have been regular champions.

4. ‘Super Epi’ retires. One of the most elegant players ever to grace the European game, and Barça’s all-time top scorer until Navarro came along, received a testimonial on 21 May 1995, as he bowed out against Unicaja. His 54 points in one game is still a club record.

5. The Palau roof. Roberto Dueñas and his gigantic 221 centimetres played a huge role in Barcelona’s dominance going into the new century. Intimidation, rebounds, blocks and key points from him made history. His shirt still hangs in the Palau, and he’s especially remembered for his MVP performance in the 1997 final against Madrid.

6. Thank you, Navarro. On 23 November 1997 a young 17 year old called Juan Carlos Navarro made his debut at the Palau. He has gone on to win eight leagues and become team captain. He’s now twice the age he was when it all started, and he’s still the main man in the team.

7. Pau Gasol’s breakthrough. He may have only ever played 81 games in the ACB, but he wowed the basketball world in 2000/01 as Barça raced to a league and cup double. That’s Pau Gasol, the MVP in the final. He was simply too good for Barça to hold onto. The NBA came knocking on the door, where he has gone on to become one of the finest players of the new century.

8. Talented Bodiroga. The amazing Serb led the team to its first Euroleague, as well as two ACB titles. A firm favourite at the Palau, his name will feature forever in the club’s history books.

9. The Pascual era. Xavi Pascual has proved to be a masterful choice as head coach, putting the tactical nouse back in the team that has meant Barça have always been able to compete with the very best that is put in front of them. Until now, he has put four more ACB trophies in the club museum.

10. The trajectory. For thirty years, Barça have always been there or thereabouts. Those 1,000 victories come from a remarkable win rate of 75%, and an even higher 78% since Pascual arrived in 2008.

Other historic players that deserve a mention in this short review include Roger Grimau,  Sarunas Jasikevicius, Rodrigo De la Fuente, Nacho Rodríguez, Gianluca Basile, Víctor Sada, Gregor Fucka, Jordi Trias, Xavi Fernández, Roger Esteller, José Luis Galilea, José Antonio Montero,  Lagarto De la Cruz, Arturas Karnisovas, Ferran Martínez, Steve Trumbo, Fran Vázquez, Erazem Lorbek, Pete Mickeal and many more. And not forgetting the most important factor of all – the incredible supporters that have backed the team through thick and thin and turned the Palau Blaugrana into a veritable temple of basketball.

1.000 victorias en ACB por fcbarcelona
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