Barça players in Valencia

Barça players in Valencia. PHOTO: ACBPHOTO

Barça showed their intentions this evening against Valencia. The Blaugrana took the flew to victory in the first match of the Liga Endesa semi-final, and now have home court advantage. There’s still a long way to go, however, and the second match at the Fuente de San Luis will be difficult. Nevertheless, Barça took a giant step toward qualifying for the final.

Barça took the lead and never gave it up

Pullen fired Barça to a five-point lead at the start of the match (8-13), and it was a lead the Blaugrana wouldn’t relinquish. The end of the first quarter came with 14 to 16 on the scoreboard. In the second quarter, Sada and Lampe lead the Blaugrana. The Catalan scored eight points while Lampe followed suit with another eight points. Thanks to the two players, Barça maintained its five-point lead (23-28). The end of the half came with 33 to 35 on the scoreboard.

Barça turn in on in the second half

Two three pointers from Navarro at the start of the second half catapulted Barça to victory. A run of 3 to 15 in a little more than five minutes gave the Catalans a 14-point advantage (36-50). Barça’s defence closed off most of Valencia’s shooting options, but they were unable to stop Lafayette, who scored a three pointer at the end of the quarter to make it 42 to 51.

Nachbar scored a three pointer in the opening minutes of the final quarter to take Barça’s lead to +15. Valencia tried to hit back, but they were unable to overcome Barça’s lead, especially after Tomic and Navarro scored to make it 52 to 68. The game came to an end with 58 to 77 on the scoreboard.


València, 58
FCB, 77

València Basket: Van Rossom (2), Sato (4), Ribas (12), Doellman (11) and Lishchuk (8) –starting five-; Triguero (2), Lucic (11), Martínez (3), Lafayette (5), Aguilar (0).

FC Barcelona: Huertas (6), Oleson (1), Papanikolaou (6), Nachbar (15) and Tomic (15) –starting five-; Dorsey (2), Sada (8), Abrines (0), Navarro (13), Lorbek (0), Lampe (8), Pullen (3).

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