The FC Basketball team will being its preseason this Thursday, August 20, and Jacob Pullen, one of the five signings made by the team this summer, is eager to get things going. “I want to start my routine, get to know the players, the managers ... I’m excited and happy to be here,” said the American, who has Georgian nationality, to fcbarcelona.com and BarçaTV after undergoing his medical.

The player added that “it’s a dream” to play for Barça and that he’s “a big admirer of the team” ever since he started playing in Europe. The 1.85 m guard told us that he’s aware of “the rivalry between Barça and Real Madrid” and that he knows of Navarro from the Catalan’s playing days in Memphis: “He’s one of the best players in Europe. I’ve followed him since I started playing in the Euroleague.”

The 23-year-old went on to say that the team have “good players like Dorsey and Lampe” and that he’s eager to “improve.”

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