Barça secured their 14th victory in the regular season this Sunday afternoon by defeating Iberostar Tenerife by 56 to 78. The Blaugrana, who went to the break with a 13-point advantage, closed out the match in the third quarter thanks to their accuracy from beyond the three-point line. Pascual’s men are notably improving with each game and that’s reassuring ahead of the final stretch of the season.

Good start

Barça’s start was truly impressive. The first minutes saw the Blaugrana jump to a nine-point lead (2-11), a lead that the visiting wouldn’t relinquish for the rest of the match. The quarter ended with 15 to 20 on the scoreboard, and the second quarter started with a 0-10 run for the Blaugrana (15-30, min 13). Despite the massive advantage, Barça weren’t comfortable on the court which resulted in a 10-0 run against the visiting team (25-30). After nearly five scoreless minutes, Pullen and Navarro, from the three-point line, increased Barça’s lead thanks to a 0-8 run just before the break (25-38).

Barça close out the match

Barça increased their lead in the second half. Oleson and Huertas fired Pascual’s team to a 21-point advantage (30-51), thus putting the game way beyond reach of Tenerife. The third quarter came to an end with 35 to 56 on the scoreboard. In the final 10 minutes, Barça played with the players who don’t usually get playing time. Mario Hezonja and Marko Todorovic maintained Barça lead until the final buzzer singled the end of the match (56-78). 


Tenerife, 56
FCB, 78

Iberostar Tenerife: Úriz (6), Richotti (10), Blanco (10), Fajardo (2), Sikma (7) –starting five-; Gutiérrez (5), Bivià (5), Heras (0), Chagoyen (8), Rost (3).

FC Barcelona: Huertas (5), Abrines (14), Navarro (8), Lorbek (3), Tomic (2) –starting five-; Dorsey (5), Sada (2), Todorovic (3), Hezonja (7). Oleson (9), Nachbar (9), Pullen (11)


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