Huertas has already tried out the glasses / PHOTO: EUROLEAGUE

FC Barcelona v Laboral Kutxa will be the first game in Euroleague history in which the players will use Google Glass to let fans see the action through their own eyes. Barça’s Marcelinho Huertas will be wearing the item from the moment he enters the pavilion, showing viewers everything he sees when warming up and preparing for a big match like this. During the game, a member of the FCB staff will don the glasses to show us what it all looks like from the bench. Nocioni will be doing likewise for the opposition.

As well as the two players, one of the three match officials will also be wearing the glasses so fans can see what the game looks like through his eyes. Once the game is over, the Euroleague will be producing a video using the recorded images and if the project is a success, will be using the system for the Final Four in Milan (May 16-18).

New challenges

“New technologies are providing new opportunities and new ways of communicating with the spectators” say the Euroleague organisers, who have been working on the project with La Salle Ramon Llull University, Barcelona. Google Glass is not only used for recording videos. It also operates as a hands-free mobile device with voice-activated Internet use.

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