The team continue with their great run of form, seeing off Estudiamtes 73-56 to build on their excellent European results and also ensure top seeding in next months Spanish Cup.

Three point success

Xavi Pascual’s side dominated the first quarter and with a 62% success rate, they were 27-21 up thanks to some consistent scoring from Huertas and Navarro. With Estudiantes hanging on, Pullen’s points proved key too.

Barça dropped the rhythm in the second quarter and managed just 15 points, but with their defence limiting the visitors to just 8 points themselves, Pascual’s side went in 42-29 up at the break.

Wrapping up the win

With Tomic on court in the third quarter, Barça’s attack improved, but Colom’s efficiency meant Estudiantes edged it 15-19, s they attempted to clam themselves back into contention.

However, Barça tightened up in defence and allowed the visitors just 8 points in the final quarter, whilst chalking up 15 themselves. The win confirms Barça’s great moment of form and ensures top seeding for next month’s Cup tournament in Malaga.


FCB, 73
Estudiantes, 56

FC Barcelona: Huertas (13), Navarro (13), Papanikolaou (11), Nachbar (7), Dorsey (0) –starting fivel-; Sada (2), Todorovic (6), Hezonja (2), Oleson (0), Lampe (3), Tomic (8), Pullen (8).

Tuenti Móvil Estudiantes: Miso (3), Kuric (2), Rabaseda (3), Slokar (13), Banic (5) –starting five-; Guerra (0), Fernández (4), Vicedo (0), Colom (17), Rubio (0), Ivanov (9).

Break scores: 27-21, 15-8, 16-19 and 15-8

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