It was Barça worst game of the season in the Euroleague. The defeat, which is relatively easy to digest because nothing was at stake, doesn’t mean that it’s not painful. Barça lost by 33 points on the court of one of the most on-form teams in Europe. It’s a defeat that breaks a record-breaking winning streak of 24 matches in the Top 16, but it’s also a good warning ahead of the rest of the season.

Italian intensity

In the first quarter the Italian team showed why it’s one of the most in-form teams in Europe. Despite Barça’s strong start (4-7), Luca Banchi’s men battled back to make it 21 to 20 at the end of the first 10-minute period.

In the second quarter, Barça were made to suffer. They were stopped by the Italians’ devastating attack and they missed key shots that would have kept them in the game. Thus, the Blagurana conceded a 12-0 run, which put them behind by eight points. The deficit increased to nine points at the break (43-34).

Festival of points

In the second half, Xavi Pascual’s men tried to fight back but Gentile stopped the attempted comeback in its tracks thanks to two three pointers. The lead increased to +18 after only five minutes, a lead too big for Barça to overcome.

In the final 10 minutes, Barça managed to play better but Emporio Armani didn’t let up. The final scoreline was 91 to 63, a result that should serve as a warning for the future.


Milà, 91
Barcelona, 63

EA7 Emporio Armani: Hackett (11), Gentile (24), Moss (0), Melli (5) and Samuels (16) –starting five-; Cerella (7), Wallace (5), Lawal (9), Jerrells (14)

FC Barcelona: Huertas, (4) Abrines (12), Papanikolaou (4), Lorbek (6) and Tomic (8)- starting five-; Pullen (2), Dorsey (4), Sada (4), Todorovic (6), Hezonja (2), Oleson (6), Lampe (8)


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