Xavi Pascual ha analitzat l'Olympiacos abans d'enfrontar-se aquest divendres / FOTO: ARXIU FCB

On Friday there’s an absolute cracker of a match at the Palau Blaugrana as FC Barcelona Regal face Euroleague champions Olympiacos. The day before the encounter, Xavi Pascual has said that “I hope there’s a good crowd to help us through the difficult moments, because I’m there’ll be lots of those. We expect an atmosphere like the day of the Madrid game”.

No revenge

Olympiacos beat Barça Regal in the semi finals of the last Final Four, but Xavi Pascual denies that revenge will be an added motivation for his men. “They haven’t changed much” he said on their Greek opponent. “They are very clear about what they are doing, they’re very confident and physically strong”. He singled out Vassilis Spanoulis as one of his prime concerns. “That player does damage, he makes a lot of decisions and is very hard to control … We will have to be able to combine a lot of things in defence”.

Strong at home

Barça Regal have an especially tricky Top 16 group, so Xavi Pascual knows they can’t afford to lose any games at the Palau Blaugrana. “We have an extraordinary squad and should be aspiring to a place in the Final Four … It’s an important match because it’s essential to win your home games in the Top 16, especially in a tough group like ours”.


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Tomic: “We have to beat every team at home”

Ante Tomic shares many of the same views as his coach. “we have to beat every team at home” said the Barça Regal player, who has been amassing some impressive stats of late. “I am playing as well in the Euroleague as I am in the Liga, but I just want the team to win. My individual stats don’t matter as much”.

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