“The Euroleague is a very difficult competition, just as history shows that it is. The Club has won very few [Euroleague] titles. It’s the top competition,” said Xavi Pascual in the Euroleague pre-match press conference this afternoon. The manager also said that the competition’s new format will make teams play “almost 90 games, if everything goes well, and these are games that should be won.”

Rival with a similar play style and sky-high morale

On Brose Baskets, Barça Regal’s first opponent, the manager warned that the German side shouldn’t be underestimated. “They are very good in transition and in their static play, they’re going through a good moment and when they have the slightest advantage they penalize you with a basket.” Tying it back to the Blaugrana, he noted that “we’ve been in these situations before, but we’re lacking the confidence required to score and you can only get that back by winning. It’s evident that, in a sport like basketball, the physiological factor is key, the priority, therefore, is to win games consecutively to get back the confidence in a team that has a lot of talent, and if they’re feeling good, they’re fearsome.

“The signing of Nachbar makes them more competitive; they have players like Jacobsen who is very dangerous from the exterior - their style of play is similar to ours,” said Pascual. It’s evident that Barça Regal will have to reduce the Germans’ accuracy from the exterior if they want to beat Brose Baskets, but it will not be easy, seeing that Bostjan Nachbar played for NBA teams like the Houston Rockets, New Orleans and the Toronto Raptors. In addition, Nachbar is a very physically and technically gifted player which allows him to play in the center and small forward positions. The Slovenian is accompanied by Casey Jacobsen, who played for Caja Laboral, and Latavious Williams, who recently signed for the German side from Joventut Badalona.

CSKA, Fenerbahçe and Madrid

When asked to single out the most dangerous teams in this year’s Euroleague, the manager said “CSKA, Fenerbahçe and Madrid have the strongest teams, and there are a couple of teams that follow close behind. Therefore, we have to perform our jobs really well if we want to win.” He added, “we have to take advantage of the result against Dallas, we’re a team that grows from game to game and we’ll grow much faster if we win.”

One of the best pieces of news to come out of the match at the Sant Jordi is Juan Carlos Navarro’s improving form. “It’s very important for him to have good sensations, he’s fundamental.”

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