Navarro assisting Lorbek / PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

Besides the victory over CB Canarias, one of the best pieces of news to come out of Week 5 match-ups of the Liga Endesa was the return to form of Juan Carlos Navarro. The Barça Regal captain scored 21 points - three three-pointers from four four attempts - and he only needed five minutes to tip the scales in his team’s favour against CB Canarias (100-75). “I needed a game like this one,” said Navarro after the match.

The captain’s devastating accuracy from the three-point line against CB Canarias, combined with his eight assists, made him one of the standout players of yesterday’s match. Navarro is one of the go-to guys for Barça Regal when points have to be scored but he’s also very generous when it comes to setting up his team-mates. With his eight assists this Sunday, the Catalan surpassed Javi Rodríguez as the 15th assist leader in ACB history.

The only shooting guard among the top assist leaders of the ACB

Navarro has doled out 1,274 assists in his 520 ACB matches, averaging 2.45 assists per match, making him the only shooting guard among the top 20 assist leaders of the League. Pablo Laso, the current Real Madrid manager, holds the record with 2,896 assists, followed by Nacho Azofra (2,224) and Nacho Rodríguez (2,032).

The Blaugrana captain is within striking distance of Luis Lorente (1,298), Arceaga (1,301), and Marco (1,303). Joan Creus, FCB Regal’s technical secretary, holds the tenth spot with 1,461 assists from 585 matches. It’s only a matter of time. Navarro has a lot of time left before he retires.

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