“We’re content. It’s always painful to lose a final, but I believe we came pretty close to winning it. We were ahead during certain parts of the game and the Americans were a bit afraid, they really leaned on their individual talent and they scored three pointers that gave them a seven or eight-point lead. It wasn’t impossible to beat them,” said Víctor Sada after his first Olympic Games debut.

Navarro, proud of the team’s attitude

Upon landing at El Prat Airport, the Barça Regal and Spanish national team captain echoed his team-mate: “it’s an honour to play with this generation of players.I think people will value what we’ve done, what we’ve achieved up until now, because truth be told, it’s impressive. I want to thank all my team-mates, because, besides being great players, they are great people.”

“I’m impressed with the team’s capacity to lift itself up after losing two consecutive matches. The players once again showed that they are winners. We played our style in the final, defending well and running the ball down. If we play our style, very few teams can stop us. The Americans are one of those teams,” said the Navarro.

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