Pete Mickeal, who was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism a month ago, spoke to the media at the Club this morning to announce that he would be travelling to the States for treatment, which could last anything from a couple of months to a year.

The US star was quick to thank everyone for the support he has received, particular from the Club itself: “ the way that the Club has treated me has been excellent. It’s been a real eye-opener for me. I want to thank everyone at the Club who has got behind me, from Sandro Rosell down. This is a different Club – there’s nothing like it in the world, not in the NBA or in Europe. It’s the people here who make it special”.

Barça are first choice

Mickeal, who is now 35, joined Barça in 2009 and first suffered a pulmonary embolism in 2011, hopes to make it back on court after his treatment, but only if he is completely cured: “If I do ever play again, I would hope to do it to do it at Barça”

“He’s made history”

Xavi Pascual, who was also present at the press conference alongside Joan Creus, reckons that Mickeal is one of the best players he’s ever coached: “ he’s irreplaceable. The whole team want to win something and dedicate it to him and let’s hope we can do it at the Final Four next month. Pete has made history at this Club”.

"He’s the best coach in Europe”

Mickeal returned the complements claiming Pascual, who has coached him for the last four seasons: “I have always said he’s the best coach in Europe. We’ve had more good times than bad ones and as a rule he gets angry with me more often than I get angry with him”, joked Mickeal. "As a player you always try and improve and with a coach like Xavi that’s easier to do. Together we have won so many titles”, concluded the American, who is determined to keep fighting to get back on court.

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