Joe Ingles has returned to Barça Regal with confidence and renewed energy from the Olympic Games where he played an important role in Australia’s bid for Olympic glory. The Australian played 33.7 minutes, scored 15 points, captured 5 rebounds and gave 4.2 assists per match in his team’s six Olympic matches. Ingles, in an interview with Barça TV and fcbarcelona.com, talked about his views of Barça Regal’s upcoming season and noted that he “wouldn’t have returned” if he didn’t want to be part of Xavi Pascual’s project.

This summer you played in the Olympics and a lot of people said you would not return to the Club. What do you think about that?

“I’m here. I have returned to Barcelona. Some people and news sources have said some things about that, but I always wanted to come back and everything that they said could happen, didn’t. I’m really happy to be here.”

Was Barça always your first choice?

“Yes, I have a three-year contract and I feel at home here. I’m really excited to start my third year here. I like the city and the people. I especially like playing with the team, these players are my team-mates.”

The Olympics were a good experience for you.

Yes, I went to the Beijing Games and I hardly got any playing time. However, in London I played an important role and I got the chance to spend more time on the court. I think that’s what I needed after not having too much playing time and playing here for a couple of years. I needed a different role; I needed to play more. Being one of my team’s most important players was a fantastic experience. I’m very pleased with how we played even though I would have liked to win more games. I’m pleased with how I played, it gave me the necessary confidence to come back to FC Barcelona.”

This year is a bit different than last season. What are your thoughts on that?

“Playing for a team like this is always more difficult than playing for a smaller club. There’s always someone that can take your spot, but I’m comfortable here. I like the challenge of not knowing if I’ll play. There are a lot of good players that play in my position, but I wouldn’t have returned if I didn’t want to be part of this project. I’m very pleased to be here.”

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

“I don’t have personal goals. However, I do have team goals I’d like to help accomplish. Winning the third Liga would be fantastic and a Euroleague title would be great, it will be difficult but I think this team can do it. Personally I want to help the team and give Xavi Pascual everything he asks for on the court. I only want to help the team win.”

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