Jasikevicius / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

The set of the match started Pascual paddling upstream, as visitors stood in for a partial 0-12. The reaction of Barça, however, has come from the hand of Marcelinho (13-15) and the club have tackled the player's tunnel just three points Basques (29-32).

Taking advantage of the absence of Navarro Sada, all visiting the same scenario is repeated in the third quarter (34-45), but Pascual reacted in time (47-53). The forces have equalized Jasikevicius and led the party in overtime (73-73). Excitement to the end, where the pulse is over leaning towards the current champions Endesa (87-85).

Match stats

FCB Regal, 87
Uxue Bilbao, 85

FCB Regal (15+14+18+26+14):
Sada, Navarro, Wallace, Mickeal, Tomic –cinc inicial– Marcelinho, Abrines, Lorbek, Jasikevicius, Jawai, Rabaseda.

Uxue Bilbao Basket (20+12+21+20+12):
López, Hamilton, Vasileiadis, Hervelle, Mumbrú –cinc inicial– Zisis, Grimau, Pilepic, Rakovic, Saamb.

Referees: Martín Bertran, Martínez Díez i Sacristán.

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