Juan Carlos Navarro, with 21 points, led his team against CB Canarias / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

The Palau Blaugrana hosted a fantastic game of basketball this afternoon. Barça Regal fought back in the second half after Canarias got off to a good start in the first. The visiting side put distance between themselves and the Blaugrana thanks to Rost’s accuracy from the three-point line, and went to the break with a 48-42 on the scoreboard. After the break, Xavi Pascual’s men nearly put in a perfect performance from the three-point line and the Palau faithful watched as their team battled back to secure a comfortable win. The victory is a confidence booster for Barça Regal, and an opportunity for players like Juan Carlos Navarro, who was one of the best players on the court with 21 points and 8 assists, to ease back into competitive play.

Canarias strike first

After a fairly even first couple of minutes where Barça Regal’s play revolved around Tomic in the paint, CB Canarias took to the three-point line and carved out a lead thanks to a lethal Levi Rost who scored four shots from the perimeter. With 14 to 18 on the scoreboard, Pascual called time out to disrupt Canarias’ attack. Barça Regal slowly started to mount a comeback, and a three pointer from Marcelinho -the first for his team- and a two-pointer from Navarro allowed Barça to close out the first quarter with 23-24 on the scoreboard.

In the second quarter Lampropoulos stepped up the three-point line to take over for his team-mate Rost. The Blaugrana, however, were not about to let the visiting team grab an insurmountable lead and thanks to Rabaseda, who scored seven consecutive points, Tomic, who was crucial under the basket at both ends of the court, and a focused Víctor Sada, Barça went to the break with a six-point lead (48-42).

Three-point shots return to the Palau

Barça Regal was devastating in the second half. A three pointer from Navarro was the catalyst the Blaugrana needed to regain their confidence from the 6.75 meter line. Lorbek, Navarro, Marcelinho and Wallace all attempted three-point shots with excellent results. In fact, Barça finished the game with 10 out of 19 three-point shots scored. The third quarter ended with a commanding lead for Barça (79-62).

Navarro returns

After scoring only two points in the first half, the captain found his groove in the second half. He was crucial for Barça Regal as he knocked down 21 points and giving 8 assists. His performance, along with Tomic (19) and Lorbek (12) allowed the home team to secure the win. Abrines, at the end of the game, scored the team’s 100th point of the match against Canarias.



FCB Regal (23+25+31+21): Huertas (10), Navarro (21), Ingles (5), Lorbek (12), Tomic (19) -starting five- Wallace (5), Rabaseda (7), Jawai (6), Jasikevicius (-), Sada (9), Todorovic (4) and Abrines (2).

CB Canarias (24+18+20+13): Úriz (8), Blanco (9), Rost (18), Donaldson (11), Sekulic (6) -starting five- Bivià (6), Guillén (3), Lampropoulos (8) and Richotti (6).

Referees: Emilio Pérez Pizarro, Luis Miguel Castillo and Anna Cardús.

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