Supercopa Endesa 2012

From this Thursday through Friday, September 7, Club members and FC Barcelona Supporter Club members that want a ticket to the Endesa Super Cup can buy tickets for the two-day tournament hosted at the Príncipe Felipe pavilion (Sep 22 - 23). The Club have 200 available tickets priced at 28 euros apiece. These tickets are exclusive to Club members and Supporter Club members.

To purchase a ticket, send an email to seccio.basquet@fcbarcelona.cat or call 93.496.37.14.

The four participant teams

The 2012 Endesa Super Cup will feature two rounds of play: semi-finals and the final. The four participant teams are as follows: CAI Zaragoza (hosts), Barça Regal (champions of the Endesa League), Real Madrid (champions of the Copa del Rey), and Valencia Basket (highest international coefficient).

More tickets

In addition to the Club’s 200 tickets, fans can also purchase tickets through the ACB. This Friday, starting at 14.00, the ACB will open the ticket sales process. These tickets can be purchased through CAI’s online services. Ticket prices range from 24 to 42 euros.

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