Barça Regal – Real Madrid: Did you know…

Barça Regal and Real Madrid are used to battling it out against each other for a spot in the pantheon of great European basketball teams. The Balugrana and Los Blancos will face off this Friday evening in the semi-final of the Euroleague, and here’s a collection of the juiciest facts and stats surrounding the match:

- In 1996 Barça went to the break with a 4-point deficit in the semi-final of the Euroleague in Paris. In the second half Arturas Karnisovas, who finished the match with 24 points, led Barça to victory over Madrid.

- Real Madrid’s current manager, Pablo Laso, featured for Real Madrid against Barça Regal in 1996. He scored two points.

- The Catalans played their best match against Real Madrid in 1994 when they beat them by 80 to 64 at the Palau. In Madrid, Barça’s best win margin is 12 points (82-94, 1996).

- In the regular season of the Euroleague, Barça Regal’s record stands at six victories and four defeats against Madrid; in the play-offs, it stands at five victories and two defeats and in the Final Four, the teams have only faced off once, the game ended with a victory for the Blaugrana.

- This year, Barça Regal and Real Madrid have two players apiece among the top 10 all-star teams designated by the competition. Navarro and Tomic, for Barça Regal, and Rudy and Mirotic, for Madrid. The Croat and the Spaniard were named to the Euroleague’s first string all-star team.

- Barça Regal’s record in the competition this year is simply excellent: they’ve won 25 matches and only conceded defeat 4 times. Pablo Laso’s men have won 20 matches and lost 7 times.

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