Tomic, Lorbek and Jawai

Barça Regal have focused on reinforcing the team’s interior play this offseason. After FC Barcelona decided to forego maintaining Kosta Perovic’s contract for an additional year, Xavi Pascual unveiled his new players. The 25-year-old Ante Tomic, 217 cm, and Nathan Jawai, also 25, who stands 206 cm tall, will be the two men that will lead the Barça Regal in the paint this season. In addition to the new faces, Barça Regal also renewed Erazem Lorbek’s contract through June 30, 2015. The Slovenian is one of the best number 4s in European basketball, and up until recently, one of the most sought-after and desired players on the market.

Barça’s interior play will also be complemented by CJ Wallace, who was one the standout players of the Liga Endesa final against Real Madrid. In addition, if the deal with Unicaja goes through, Fran Vázquez will close out his career with Barça after six years at the Palau Blaugrana, and the only other loose end to tie up would be Boniface Ndong, whose contract with FC Barcelona was up on June 30.

Ndong, Lorbek and Morris

The 2009/10 season was the last time that Barça Regal completed a move for more than one interior player. Ndong, Lorbek and Terence Morris arrived to the team to replace David Andersen and Daniel Santiago, two forwards that played for the Club in the 2008/09 season. In the 2010/11 season, Barça brought in Kosta Perovic, and last summer, the team completed a deal for CJ Wallace.

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