Marcelinho ha estat el millor jugador del Barça Regal a València / FOTO: ACBMEDIA

Barça Regal hadn’t lost in Valencia since the 2009/10 season, when Rafa Martínez scored a last second three pointer . It was Navarro who tried to pull it off with two attempts at three pointers in the last five seconds, including one right on the buzzer, but neither of them went in and Barça’s sixth league win will have to wait- It’s never easy to win at La Fonteta, as Barça found out this Sunday.

Four and a half years after his debut in the Lliga Endesa, Xavi Pascual was unable to win his 200th game in the competition. Even so, the coach can boast some great figures -160 victories and just 40 defeats. That 80% success rate puts him up amongst the top ACB coaches, ahead of well-known figures such as Lolo Sainz, Clifford Luyk or Pesic.

Match stats

València Basket, 81
Barça Regal, 78

València Basket (13+28+25+15): San Miguel (3), Martínez, Keselj (5), Doellman (11), Lishchuk (2) -cinc inicial- Ribas (9), Dubljevic (19), Pietrus (4), Quinn (13) i Kelati (15).

Barça Regal (23+20+17+18): Huertas (21), Navarro (13), Mickeal (4), Lorbek (4), Tomic (14) -cinc inicial- Sada (4), Todorovic, Wallace (12), Ingles (2), Rabaseda i Nathan Jawai (4).

Referees: Martín Bertrán, Araña i Pérez Nin.

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