Acord entre el Club Joventut Badalona i el FC Barcelona pels drets del jugador Marko Todorovic

FC Barcelona and Club Joventut Badalona have reached an agreement for the transfer of Marko Todorovic to Barça Regal. The player will be at FC Barcelona Regal for the next two seasons (2012/13 and 2013/14) with the option of extending the deal until June 30, 2015.

Club Joventut Badalona has announced their satisfaction with the settlement and has thanked FC Barcelona for the respect it has owned for the efforts the Badalona based club has put into the training of the youngster. In turn, FC Barcelona has thanked Joventut for the discretion it has shown during the negotiation process, confirming the excellent institutional relations between the two Catalan clubs.

Finally, FC Barcelona thanked the player for agreeing to cede some of his salary in order to make the transfer a reality, which all goes to show how much respect he has for his former employees as well as his desire to get the chance to wear the colours of FC Barcelona Regal.

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