Xavi Pascual / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

The FC Barcelona Regal manager led his team to the semi-finals of the Liga Endesa playoffs after beating Lucentum Alicante in the second match of the quarter-final series. After expressing his satisfaction with reaching the goal of “having the chance to play in the semi-finals,” Xavi Pascual highlighted the fact that “we now have a complicated road ahead of us.”

The manager started his press conference by congratulating Lucentum Alicante “because they’ve had a brilliant season.” He added, “I also want to congratulate their manager, like I did at the conclusion of the Regular Season, but I want to emphasize it. In circumstances that probably weren’t the best for them, they put up a fight and they played with a lot of character and hope. They made it difficult for us to win. I also want to congratulate the fans, they cheered on their team all season long. They’ve enjoyed some fantastic basketball here.”

Pascual also talked about the Alicante side’s qualities: “Lucentum worked very well in the summer, and they brought in some great players. They’ve managed to continue their consistency throughout these past couple of seasons, with players that give the team identity. They also have a great manager. All of these things don’t guarantee anything, but they are essential ingredients to having a good season.”

Tactical game

On the match, The Barça Regal manager said that even though his team “played through moments where the rival came within striking distance,” in general terms, his players “controlled the match, we always led and, in the end, we won.” Pascual also said that he was not surprised by Lucentum’s game plan: “I expected a team like this, a team wanting to do a good job, a team that wouldn’t give up on any play. I expected a very tactical match, and that’s how it was.”

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